Creating balance with body-centered healing

Welcome. My name is Donna Swedosh. I offer therapy, training and supervision for individuals, professionals and organisations seeking a freer and more connected life. Free from coping behaviours formed in the face of difficulty. Much more connected to oneself, each other and the wider world.

My simple, body-centred, and results-based process meets both our desires and difficulties simultaneously. From this place, we can choose to live in greater clarity, connection and harmony.


I work collaboratively with individuals to explore historical patterns and behaviours and understand how to develop alternative ways of being.
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Supervision sessions support practitioners to reflect navigate and transform their own and their clients’ imprinted traumas throughout therapy.
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With experience in business management and psychological interventions, I can provide training in de-escalating stress and frustration.
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Habits formed over time are perfectly normal ways of solving problems we meet in our environments. As time goes by, they become less helpful and often disrupt our sense of joy and freedom. These patterned behaviours often continue to run unless we choose to interrupt them. To do this, it’s important to find the people and processes that suit the person, using an approach designed to safely dissolve these protective patterns.